SAAS business for sale ChefGPT
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ChefGPT is an AI powered recipe generator that creates tailor-made recipes & meal plans based on dietary restrictions, ingredients and more
SAAS business for sale ChefGPT


ChefGPT is an established player in the growing AI Apps space and it is available as a Web App and Mobile App on both Android and iOS.
Currently, ChefGPT offers the following features:
PantryChef Mode: List the ingredients you have at home and it will generate a recipe that you can prepare. Value for Customer: food waste reduction, inspiration for less skilled cooks.
MasterChef Mode: Generate a recipes or dishes based on a simple sentence/inspiration (e.g. A Vegetarian Beef Wellington). Value for Customer: Save time from googling and visiting multiple recipes websites.
MacrosChef: Mode: It generates recipes based on your specific macronutrient goals. Value for Customer: Macro tracking without the need to research.
MealPlanChef Mode: Creates customised meal plans, tailored to your goals and requirements. Value for Customer: Meal Planning without the need to research.
PairPerfect Mode: Get suggestions for the perfect wine or beer pairing to accompany your meal. Value for Customer: A digital sommelier at your fingertips.
Shopping List, Cookbook: Save anything you generate with ChefGPT for easy retrieval when needed.
Buy on Amazon Fresh & InstaCart: Out of the box integration with Amazon Fresh & InstaCart to purchase all the ingredients mentioned in the generated recipes and meal plans.
Monetization method: based on Ads, Affiliate Sales and Services & Subscriptions
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Listing price: USD $90,000
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