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Exilink: All-in-One Marketing – URL Shortener, BIO Profiles, QR Codes. Elevate your online presence with this versatile platform. Bid Now!
SAAS business for sale Exilink

About the Business:

▶ Welcome to ExiLink – Your Ultimate URL Shortener Empire! ?
Are you ready to own a cutting-edge URL shortener that stands out from the crowd? Look no further! ?
▶ Overview: Presenting ExiLink – a premium URL shortening service, available at the sleek web addresses and (perfect for spicing up your social BIO profiles). ?
▶ Premium Unique Design: ExiLink boasts a custom, premium, and unique design that not only catches the eye but is also fully responsive on all devices. Your users will experience a seamless and visually appealing journey.
▶ Powerful Analytics: Dive deep into the metrics with our powerful analytics tools, providing insights into link performance and user engagement. ?
▶ User-Friendly Features: Create a personalized experience for your users with features like user accounts, advanced BIO profiles, link tracking, themes, trackable QR-Codes, and custom landing pages.
▶ Smart Targeting: Maximize your impact with smart targeting, ensuring that your links reach the right audience at the right time.
▶ Security Features: Rest easy with a robust set of security features, including URL reporting, link approval options (manual and automatic), IP banning, bad words banning, domain ban, user ban, and protection against various cyber threats such as Anti-DDOS attacks, hCaptcha, Google WebRisk, Phishtank API, and VirusTotal API integration.
▶ Customization Galore: Tailor the service to your liking with custom domains for user accounts, link expiration, password protection, URL length settings, and URL schemes (https://, http://, ftp://, etc.).
▶ Integration Hub: Connect seamlessly with your favorite platforms through Zapier and Slack integration, making ExiLink an integral part of your workflow.
▶ Social Login & Referral System: Encourage user engagement with social login options using Google and Twitter (X) and a built-in referral system, allowing users to earn rewards and making your platform go viral.
▶ Data Management & Export: Effortlessly manage data with a robust campaign manager, data export options, tracking pixels, bookmarklet for quick 1-click shortening, and event tracking.
▶ Admin Area: Take control with the super-powerful Admin area, allowing you to manage everything with ease, whether you’re at your desktop or on-the-go with your smartphone.
▶ Monetization Opportunities: Unlock the earning potential with multiple streams – advertising via banners and links, and selling Premium Paid Plans (“Pro” and “Business”) on a monthly or yearly basis. Every user can also capitalize on the in-built referral system.
▶ SEO Optimized: Boost your visibility with SEO optimization, ensuring that your links and pages rank high on search engines.
▶ Bonus Offer: As a bonus, enjoy 1 year of Free Hosting, ensuring that your platform runs smoothly without additional costs.
 Lightning-Fast Performance: Experience blazing speed on any hosting, providing users with a seamless and swift experience.
▶ Business Ready: With a blog module, contact page, report page, maintenance page, and the ability to transform into a totally private service, ExiLink is ready to meet all your business needs.
▶ Legal Compliance: Rest assured, all necessary legal documents like “Terms & Conditions,” “Privacy Policy,” and “Cookie Policy” have been meticulously crafted in collaboration with a lawyer.
▶ Low Maintenance & Auto-Pilot Operation: No need to break a sweat! ExiLink operates smoothly on auto-pilot, requiring absolutely no maintenance.
▶ Earning Potential: The sky’s the limit! With the right strategy, earning thousands per month is easily achievable.
▶ Extended Support & Guarantee: To sweeten the deal, we offer extended 6 months guaranteed support, ensuring a smooth transition. Plus, a 15-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.
▶ Why Sell? We’re parting ways with ExiLink not because of its potential but due to our focus on other ventures. Don’t miss the opportunity to take this gem to new heights!
▶ All-Inclusive Package: The sale includes everything – domain, design, accounts, social profiles, and even browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to own a piece of the internet landscape! ExiLink is not just a URL shortener; it’s your ticket to online success.
Act now, and let your entrepreneurial journey begin! ?
Monetization method: based on Services & Subscriptions
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Starting Bid Price: USD $1,999
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