SAAS business for sale Fodane
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Fodane: The All-in-one Shopify App for Dropshippers. AVG $3800 MRR | Profit: $3500/mo | Based in London UK | Competitors: Vitals, Debutify
SAAS business for sale Fodane

An Array of Essential Features

Fodane is packed with 40 essential tols and features designed to boost sales and enhance customer experience. Some key features include:
  • Product Reviews: Gather and showcase photo reviews like loox, judgeme etc.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations: Enhance shopping experiences by suggesting relevant products.
  • Email Collection Popup: Build the email list with targeted popups.
  • Volume Discount: Encourage bulk purchases with attractive discounts.
  • Size Chart: Help customers make informed decisions with detailed size information.
  • Post Purchase Upsell: Maximize revenue by promoting additional products post-purchase like reconvert.
  • Cart Upsell: Suggest complementary products in the shopping cart.
  • Slide Cart Drawer: An intuitive and interactive cart for a seamless checkout process.
  • Countdown Timer & Stock Urgency: Create a sense of urgency to drive quicker purchase decisions.
  • Cart Reserved Timer: Hold products for a limited time, encouraging faster checkout.
  • WhatsApp Chat: Provide instant customer support through a popular messaging app.
  • Sticky Add to Cart: Keep the purchasing option always visible for higher conversion.
  • Geolocation Currency Switcher: Automatically display prices in the customer’s local currency.
  • Sales Pop: Create a buzz with real-time sales notifications.
And much more in the list
Monetization method: based on Services & Subscriptions
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Asking Price: USD $120,000
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