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Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Steady passive income from New Zealand’s leading independent garage sale listing website with strong upside.
SAAS business for sale Garage Sales

About the Business is a well-established website operating in the Home and Garden industry. With a SaaS & Software business model, it offers a user-friendly platform for organizing and advertising garage sales in New Zealand. The website has been serving customers since 2010, establishing a solid and leading presence in the market and building a loyal user base.
With a revenue of $2,200 annually and an impressive profit margin of 93%, has demonstrated its ability to generate consistent returns. This can be attributed to its low overhead costs and efficient business model. Customers appreciate the convenience and accessibility of the platform, resulting in repeat usage and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
Despite its modest Domain Authority of 10, provides a valuable service to its target audience. The platform allows users to easily list their garage sales and reach a wider audience, increasing their chances of a successful sale. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, the website offers a hassle-free experience for both sellers and buyers.
In summary, is a well-established website in the Home and Garden industry, offering a user-friendly platform for organizing and advertising garage sales in New Zealand. With impressive financial metrics and a loyal user base, the business presents a lucrative opportunity for potential buyers looking to enter the SaaS & Software market.
Monetization method: based on Ads
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Listing price: USD $10,500
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