SAAS business for sale
Detailed Information

#1 Instagram and TikTok growth company as mentioned in Forbes for it’s advanced technology. Super easy to run with a very high profit margin, currently at 74%.
SAAS business for sale


  • We have direct access to all providers so our system never goes down when Instagram and Tiktok make updates.
  • Our system can be easily modified to provide service for any social media platform.
  • We use multiple providers to ensure we only sell the best quality services that are available on Instagram and TikTok. We test all live services every day to maintain the highest quality product on the market
  • We developed a reordering system so if any order has any issue our system will detect this and reorder whatever is missing. This ensures that our customers always get what they pay for.
  • We have a warning system that will detect when there is any issue and informs us how and where to fix or update.
Monetization method: based on Services & Subscription
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Listing price: USD $660,000
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