SAAS business for sale
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Profitable all-in-one mass email solution to build & send millions of emails to unlimited contacts
SAAS business for sale

Key Highlights

Profitable all-in-one mass email solution that allows users to build and send marketing, cold outreach and transactional emails in one place – with $14k of ARR and $7k Net Profit. Tool has unique features and low-cost infrastructure that allow users to send millions of emails, to unlimited contacts, from unlimited seats.
Users receive a dedicated AWS servers with high deliverability, and can track the performance of campaigns through advanced data analytics. Originally built as the proprietary tool of a large digital marketing agency, tired of the restrictions and costs of current offerings – this business was spunoff into as standalone product, with a SaaS model, capable of onboarding clients and ready to be marketed.
✅ No time or money invested in marketing to date -> $1.1k MRR through inbound leads
✅ 86% Cheaper than competition due to unique infrastructure
✅ Advanced features including: unlimited contact upload & management, unlimited senders, personal AWS servers, all-in-one email builder, AI algorithm to boost deliverabilty and simple API
✅ Individual recipient statistics
No marketing has been done to date as this is not our expertise. After conversations with marketing / sales agencies as well as our clients, we believe there are multiple avenues for growth including:
✅ Create and launch marketing campaigns, as well as sales channels including: Partnerships, Google Ads, Social Media, LinkedIn marketing campaigns, Email marketing campaigns, SEO and Affiliate / SDR.
✅ Opportunity to pursue sales through a 4,000 contact list we have of previous customers of the digital marketing agency, who are familiar with the software.
✅ Explore partnerships with other digital marketing or sales agencies looking to reduce their costs and maximize ROI.
✅ Inbound leads of enterprise clients, like who are interested in a potential partnership (+7k clients)
✅ Two different websites developed for A/B testing & SEO
✅ Change pricing to match current market or account for unlimited features
Monetization method: based on Services & Subscriptions
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Asking Price: USD $40,000
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