SAAS business for sale
Detailed Information

PodcastDb is a database and search engine of all 2.6M+ Apple Podcasts. Customers use our data for guest outreach and finding potential ad opportunities w AdsDb.
SAAS business for sale

Key Highlights

  • Comprehensive database of all 2.6M+ Apple Podcasts
  • Capable to compete with Podchase, ListenNotes, and many other multi million dollar companies.
  • User-friendly search engine can be used to build outreach lists, and exported to CSV
  • 739,146 verified public podcasts emails / 577,005 unique emails
  • Everything was built in-house with Node.JS/ Express/ Postgres and Bootstrap (a paid Bootstrap theme was used, and then customized)
  • Fully automated data platform running on just one OVH server (can be upgraded upon request) can currently handle heavy amounts of traffic.
Monetization method: based on Services & Subscriptions
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Listing price: USD $2,400
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