SAAS business for sale Simple AI Chat
Detailed Information

A SaaS that allows users to create advanced AI sales bots without having to learn to train the AI. Our AI will train the AI for them.
SAAS business for sale Simple AI Chat

Key Highlights:

Powerful AI for Every Need
Whether it be tech support, sales, training or general inquirers, our AI can create you as man bots as your business requires. Create as many as you need… in under 10 minutes!
Export Leads
Export the many leads your chat bot acquires with the click of a button. Export in any format to be integrated in all popular contact management or back office systems.
View Chats
Powerful interface allows you to view all the chats your bots have with clients. Glean insights from conversations between your customers and the AI.
Powerful Analytics
Analytics that allow you to see how well your chat bots are doing and how they are converting.
Monetization method: based on Services & Subscriptions
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Listing price: USD $6,997
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