SAAS business for sale TypingTestPro
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Acquire TypingTestPro: Premier SaaS for recruiters to assess typing skills. Scalable, tech-driven, with a solid user base and growth potential.
SAAS business for sale TypingTestPro

Key Highlights:

  • Recruitment-Centric Solution: Tailored specifically for the recruitment industry, TypingTestPro offers an essential tool for evaluating candidate skills in real-time.
  • Proven Demand: The platform is actively used by approximately 400 customer accounts, with 180 active users, predominantly comprising recruiters and HR professionals.
  • Scalable Business Model: As a SaaS offering, TypingTestPro ensures a consistent revenue stream with low incremental costs per user.
Monetization method: based on Services & Subscriptions
Tech Stack: not available on the listing
Listing price: USD $450,000
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