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Software for building QR menus that is self-hosted, user-friendly, lightweight, and high-performing.

Monitoring heartbeats and status pages Integration with 7 notification channels Reminders for SSL and domain expiration Support for multi-location pings through plugins
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Uptime & Cronjob Monitoring software.

Self-hostedeasy to uselightweight and performant uptime & cronjob monitoring software.

Monitor Websites, Servers, and Ports:

Monitor your systems from various locations. Perform customized HTTP requests and review responses Track uptime and response times Receive email, SMS, and call notifications for incidents Get notifications on incidents via Slack, Discord, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, and Webhooks Configure weekly/monthly email reports

Monitor Domain Names:

Keep an eye on domain names and receive advance notifications before they expire.
SSL Certificate Verification and Reminders Domain Name Verification and Reminders

Keep an Eye on DNS Records:

Prevent DNS hijacking and receive alerts for any alterations to your domain’s DNS records.
Track the Evolution of Your DNS Records A, CNAME, CAA, MX, NS, SOA, TXT, AAAA Receive Notifications for Changes in Monitored DNS Records

Monitor Your Scheduled Tasks:

All you have to do is make a GET or POST request every time your scheduled task runs.
Uptime Monitoring Receive notifications if your scheduled task encounters issues Customizable weekly/monthly email summaries

Stunning Status Pages

Design public or private status pages to highlight the status of your monitors.
Show current statistics, along with historical data Efficient and speedy (GTmetrix grade A) Optimized for SEO Personalized domain system Customizable features, password protection, search engine blocking, social links, and more.

Analytics for Status Pages

Gain valuable analytics for each status page you create, ready to use.
Daily Analytics Referrers & UTMs Countries & Cities Devices, Browsers & Operating Systems

Supplementary Handy Utilities

Tools for DNS Lookup, IP Lookup, SSL Lookup, Whois Domain Lookup, and Server, Website, Port Ping.

Server Resource Monitoring

Monitor critical server resources on your Linux server.

  • CPU Utilization
  • CPU Load (Average over 1/5/15 minutes)
  • RAM Utilization
  • Disk Utilization

66uptime plugins


Push Notifications plugin

Collect subscribers & send push notifications campaigns to your subscribers.


PWA plugin

Make your whole website PWA compatible.


Affiliate plugin

Your users will be able to make money by referring customers.


Offload plugin

Host assets (images, css, js) and user uploads on external storage (ex: AWS S3).


Teams plugin

Give your users the ability to create teams and invite collaborators.


Image optimizer plugin

Automatically compress user uploaded images (JPG, GIF, PNG).

location checker plugin icon

Multi-location checker plugin

Provide monitoring from servers across the world.