Detailed Information

Uptime & Cronjob Monitoring software.

Self-hostedeasy to uselightweight and performant uptime & cronjob monitoring software.

  • Monitors, heartbeats & status pages
  • 5 notification integrations
  • SSL & Domain expiration reminders
  • Multi-location pings

Check websites, servers & ports

  • Custom HTTP requests & responses
  • Uptime & response times
  • Email notifications on incidents
  • Slack, Twilio, Discord, Telegram, Webhook notifications on incidents
  • Configurable weekly/monthly email reports


Domain Name Tracking:

You can also track & watch domain names and get notified prior to their expiration.

  • SSL Certificate checks & reminders
  • Domain name checks & reminders

cronjob Tacking:

You simply need to send a GET or POST request each time your cronjob runs:

  • Uptime tracking
  • Get notified when your cronjob stops working
  • Configurable weekly/monthly email reports

You will get Status pages analytics

Every status page you create gets useful and ready to go analytics.

  • Day by day analytics
  • Referrers & UTMs
  • Countries & Cities
  • Devices, browsers & operating systems

Extra tools to boost your SAAS offerings

  • DNS Lookup tool
  • IP Lookup tool
  • SSL Lookup tool
  • Whois domain lookup tool
  • Server, website, port Ping tool